Journey Cover

In many Australian states, workers compensation does not cover employees travelling to and from work. Employee Journey Insurance provides this protection and covers your employees for personal injury that occurs while travelling between their residence and employment. Whether it be car, bus or train accident – an injury caused by falling, assault, even a falling object – your people are covered.

Why you should consider it

While some organisations may consider this coverage excessive, an employee that is injured and not covered will impact your business and your productivity. In addition, given its relatively low cost, it may be a key point of difference between you and a competitor in securing key personnel.

What does it cover?

Typically coverage allows for accidental death and disablement, loss of salary due to accidental injury and/or sickness and other associated benefits.

What isn’t covered?

It is always important to be aware that group insurance policies have certain limitations and exclusions. The limitations to the policy may restrict or define the method the insurer will pay out weekly and capital benefits for particular insured events.

The exclusions to the policy are conditions that are not covered if they are the cause of an injury.

Please talk to us about what may or may not be appropriate for your coverage.

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