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We protect your business from the worst-case scenario so you can focus on achieving the best.

Feel more confident with your insurance decisions.Let us show you how.

Anticipate challenges and risks now. Safeguard your business forever.

In today’s ever-changing and highly evolving business landscape, your organisation is exposed not just to abundant growth opportunities but also to endless threats that can be devastating on so many levels.

Cyber security. Financial loss. Workplace claims. Injuries. Liabilities. Supply fluctuations. Warranties. The list goes on.

Don't risk your business. Don't risk the wrong insurance.

To manage uncertainties and protect your business from financial losses, getting the right insurance is crucial.

That’s how we help you. We listen, we find and we insure so you can breathe easy.

Our team of insurance brokershelp prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

As your team of friendly insurance broker experts, we find the most suitable insurance solutions to take excellent care of your business, no matter what happens.

First, we assess your goals, needs and requirements, then give you easy access to a wide range of ideal insurance options to protect your best interests.

At GIBA, we empower you with optimal insurance choices and sound advice so you can safeguard what matters most to you – today and tomorrow.

Don't let one incidentruin everything you have accomplished

No one wants that. Why take the risk?

GIBA offers business insurance brokerage services that meticulously match the size, type, industry and unique needs of your organisation.

As always, we make doing business much safer for you, so you and your team can trade with confidence.

We are the "go-to" insurance team for smart businesses that want to be sufficiently protected against risks and financial losses.

Backed by decades of Australian insurance broker experience, in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and a strong global broker network, GIBA delivers insurance solutions that keep your business in very safe hands.

At GIBA, we don't settle for average insurance.We offer the best for your benefit.

We’re unique Australian Insurance Brokers.


Because we’re real people who genuinely want what’s best for your business. With GIBA, insurance is a worthwhile investment and never a cumbersome cost.


We focus on safeguarding your business and advocating for your success.

While GIBA bridges the gap between you and insurance companies, rest assured that we are always on your side. We work with you and for you to find the perfect insurance policy that will meet your needs and minimise your risks.

Insurance certificate

We empower you to choose from hundreds of insurance products at your own comfort and convenience.

With GIBA, you don’t have to go to hundreds of different insurance companies to ask for quotes. We do all the legwork for you, so you can use your time, energy and resources to grow your business.


We enable you to benefit from our credibility and connections in the corporate insurance industry.

At GIBA, we take pride in being a part of Steadfast – the largest general insurance broker network in Australasia. This equips our team with superior market access, allowing us to present more exclusive insurance products that are tailored to address the evolving demands of your sector.

We allow you to leverage our in-depth understanding of insurance for your long-term advantage.

Insurance has always been our business. For decades, we have worked with more insurance companies and clients than you can imagine. You can trust that we have a comprehensive knowledge of insurance products, an understanding of various industries and an awareness of the latest developments in the market to protect you against uncertainties.

Hear from our delighted(and well insured) clients.

Virtus Accounting & Tax
Virtus Accounting & Tax
Silvan, Lillian and the team at Giba give me peace of mind. I know my insurance policies are up to date and handled by an experienced, professional & diligent team. I receive great customer service if I have any questions regarding my policies and I love how available Silvan is to answer these questions. Its like having my own personalised insurance broker when I need it.
Rocco Musumeci
Founder & CEO
27th July, 2023
Klorman Industries
Klorman Industries PTY Ltd
GIBA is a highly reputable and professional organization that consistently delivers exceptional service and products. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I have had the pleasure of using GIBA as my business broker/ insurer for over a decade and I can confidently say that their expertise and dedication set them apart from their competitors. I highly recommend GIBA to anyone seeking reliable, top-notch service and products for their business needs.
Piere van der Poel
Managing Director
2nd August, 2023

Let's keep you informed about insurance. 

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You’re just one call away from getting the insurance your business deserves.

Don’t let any kind of risk be your downfall.
Let’s make business insurance a smart investment.

At GIBA, we enable you to understand all of your insurance options so that you can choose the best business insurance solution that will protect your business’ success from threats, liabilities and financial losses.

Reach out to us today – we’re here to listen to you and then discuss your specific insurance needs.

Suite 1105, 109 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000

+61 2 9221 7122

Reach out to us today – we’re here to listen to you and then discuss your specific insurance needs.