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Agri Business

We safeguard your livelihood from risks to help you cultivate success.


Mitigating uncertainties is the key to growing your agriculture business successfully.

Crop growers, livestock producers and farmers face countless risks due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, fluctuating consumer demand, changing regulations and issues around food safety.

Problems may also arise due to machinery breakdowns, delays in supply chains, theft, accidents and other farming hazards.

Without Agri Business Insurance that provides stability amidst these unforeseen events, your business may suffer from financial losses and reputation damage.

Agri Business Insurance equips you with the safety net you need to protect your farm and ensure its long-term success.

Why do you need
Agri Business Insurance?

Agri Business Insurance allows you to manage all risks associated with your agricultural operations so that you can get the most out of your investments in farm, livestock, equipment, vehicles and more.

With Agri Business Insurance to protect your livelihood, you can deliver more benefits through your produce and ensure your success.

Here’s why you should consider getting Agri Business Insurance:

Gain financial protection

Agri Business Insurance helps mitigate financial losses by recovering the costs of damaged crops or loss of animals, as well as the expenses that come from facing liabilities, legal claims or lawsuits associated with your agriculture business.

Achieve business continuity to sustain profitability

With Agri Business Insurance, you have coverage against accidents, natural disasters, disease, theft, machine breakdowns and other potential risks. This enables you to resolve issues promptly so that you can minimise interruptions and prevent loss of income.

Gain peace of mind

With Agri Business Insurance as your safety net, you won’t have to feel distracted by various risks and uncertainties. You can focus on nurturing your livelihood to make farming more rewarding – not just for you but also for everyone who benefits from your crops and livestock.

Let GIBA find the most suitable
Agri Business Insurance

Navigating the insurance landscape can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

With new emerging risks across each industry, the available insurance options in the market keep on growing. It can also be confusing dealing with various insurance providers and comparing quotes on your own.

But at GIBA, we make this really simple and straightforward for you.

Using our decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of insurance and strong broker network, trust us to bring the most suitable insurance for your agriculture business.

With GIBA, your agriculture business
can thrive.

Our team of Agri Business insurance brokers search the market to find insurance solutions that can protect your farm, its produce and livestock, as well as everyone who benefits from your agriculture business.

Some of the insurance products we deliver include:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Weather Certificate – Wet & Dry Season cover


Each insurance policy from a specific provider varies in terms and inclusions.

This is why, at GIBA, we take the time to assess your needs, goals and risks so that we can find the perfect coverage for your unique circumstances.

As always, our goal is to reassure you despite all the threats, uncertainties and risks that come with owning and running your agriculture business.

Want more bespoke insurance?

At GIBA, we find the ideal insurance solutions for your unique business situation.

You’re just one call away from getting the insurance your business deserves.

Don’t let any kind of risk be your downfall.
Let’s make business insurance a smart investment.

At GIBA, we enable you to understand all of your insurance options so that you can choose the best business insurance solution that will protect your business’ success from threats, liabilities and financial losses.

Reach out to us today – we’re here to listen to you and then discuss your specific insurance needs.

Reach out to us today – we’re here to listen to you and then discuss your specific insurance needs.

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