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Management Team

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Lillian Warren

Operations Manager

Lillian is our dependable and straightforward Operations Manager who always fosters a supportive and nurturing environment where clients and our Authorised Representatives (ARs) can succeed.

While her insurance industry knowledge is very extensive, it’s her thorough approach and meticulous detail that clients and colleagues value most.

With over 35 years of diverse experience in the Insurance Broking industry, Lillian has helped countless small and medium businesses across a wide variety of industries gain the insurance protection they need to safeguard them against risk and uncertainties. She has also attained her ASIC PS146 Tier 1 Insurance Broking Compliance as a testament to her commitment to delivering quality service.

Lillian values integrity, honesty and hard work - and it shows in how she effectively solves the concerns of clients and ARs to enable them to achieve the results they need.

When she’s not busy making significant contributions to the insurance industry, Lillian spends her time going camping or having fun with her beloved friends and family.